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Recession Buster!

Photographic Shop

The chaps have been amazing
throughout the whole project. They
have been very understanding and
patient with me. I am continually impressed with how fast they are able to turn around requests for changes, both small and large, and the level of customer service in general.

"A big thank you to the boys for rescuing my struggling high street business"

London-Multimedia suggested a FREE web Design with full SEO for first page results in Google. There was no financial risk to me as I I didn't pay them a penny up front .

The website has more than doubled my turnover and I am more than happy to pay London Multimedia a small monthly fee based on the increased turnover the website produces. London-Multimedia can up with some fantastic ideas for increasing my revenue streams in the shop - Well Done!

Case Study Photographic Shop

A Gift from God!

Video & Cine to DVD

London-Multimedia were a gift from god for my business. I run a video and cine transfer business store in London in desperate need of a helping hand.

I was offered a FREE Ecommerce Website, with nothing to pay unless the web site made money. It was a deal I could not refuse.

"The website is now up and running and has increased turnover by an unbelievable £10,000 per month"

We now have customers arriving at our shop with literally carrier bags full of video tapes. We also have a very strong UK wide mail order business which has come as a complete and very pleasant surprise.

Customers tell us that they are reassured by the build quality and the web technology used on the site. We are also first page in Google for such terms as 'London vhs tapes to dvd' . Many, Many Thanks.

Video and Cine Film to DVD

Top in Google!

Photo Studios

The vision that London Multimedia bought to my photo studio website design and Google placement went way beyond my own expectations for the site.

The site was developed as a FREE website design and London Multimedia pulled out all the stops. The site is beautifully optimised for major keywords linked to London Photo Studios (makeovers, pregnancy, modeling, glamour, teen makeovers etc) and produces enquiry after enquiry.

"The resulting website has led to a phenomenal increase in turnover"

London Multimedia constantly update and tweak the website in order to keep it at the top Google.

The company is one of a kind with a unique business model and forward thinking staff. Do yourself a favour and get them on your side before your competitor does.

More on Photo Studios

From Zero to Hero!

London Garden Designer

I was running a successful upmarket landscaping and garden design business until the recession came along. With no money coming in to meet overheads and wages, the future looked very grim for me and my team of 12 men.

London-Multimedia built a brilliant landscaping website for me. Once launched, they suggested I diversify into the design and installation of school playgrounds.

"From zero to £1000,000+ pa - Outstanding"

I was a little skeptical but the chaps said I had nothing to loose and every thing to gain - I would only need to pay if the website made money.

Incredibly, my turnover now exceeds one million pounds pa - even in the good old days I never had this level of success.

London-Multimedia is worth every penny.

Garden Landscape Designers

Too Good to be True!!

Tree Surgeons and Arborists

Thanks to London-Multimedia I have one of the top Tree Surgery websites in the whole of London and the website continues to bring in more and more work.

"I still cannot believe it - it's too to be true"

We are on the first page of Google for London Tree Surgeons. We also come up on the first page for any London post code and area search.

We are a new business and London Multimedia has got us off to a flying start. We are looking forward to collaborating further with them on an ecommerce website to sell fencing, chip bark, railway sleepers etc.

The website they designed for us perfectly portrays the level of customer service and quality we bring to every job. Our turnover is growing at a phenomenal rate and at present is at £15,000+ per month - a huge thank you to London Multimedia.

London Tree Surgeons

Worth Their Weight in Gold

Land and Property Investment

We are a land development company based on Lombok Island in Indonesia. We sell land for tourist development.

I was recommended to London-Multimedia by a friend and got them to build me a beautifully designed, fully search engine optimised website completely for FREE.

London-Multimedia have filled the website with informative, unique information that any property developer would need to know.

The website receives world wide interest and is linked to by sites such as stock exchanges around the world.

"A group of investors, coming through the website, have just made a 12 million dollar purchase"

Our company now relies on our website for over 90% of all new business. London Multimedia are worth their weight in gold.

Property and Investment

Life Changing!

Wedding Photographers

I cannot recommend London-Multimedia highly enough for anyone needing to raise the online profile of their business or brand.

"The website has changed my life - booking in more than 60 weddings a year worth £££'s - Fantastic"

I am a total ignoramus when it comes to websites but the chaps held my hand through each stage of the process. They made excellent suggestions on changing my pricing structure in order to encourage my customers to choose me rather than my competitors.

Above all, they said I needed to be more targeted in what I expected the website to do. As a result, the website is easily found in on the first page of Google for a range of keywords leading to a phenomenal increase in the number of booking I now get. London Multimedia changed my life and has given me a stress-free life style.

Wedding Photographers

Free Design and SEO!

Health Food Business

London-Multimedia come across as an honest and decent company genuinely interested in seeing a website do well.

"They are the only company I know who are so sure of their product that they make no initial charges"

Other companies we talked to were sales orientated and promised outstanding results as long as we paid up front.

London Multimedia simply chatted away realistically about what they could achieve and the timescale, without using any jargon. There really was nothing to pay.

London Multimedia takes a small % of any money the website turns turnover - so they really have a vested interest in seeing a website do well.

Our website presently turns over £300,00+ pa - An amazing result.

Health Food Website

Live Music Venue London

Finally - a company that is knowledgeable, professional and puts customer care first.

I needed a complete re-design for my club website and London-Multimedia succeeded brilliantly.

"This live music club relies on it's mailing list to fill it to the brim every night"

Client satisfaction is foremost for this company. John Burr will research your industry sector and understand your business requirements before and during the design and optimisation of the site.

In fact, I would even say that the team knew what was required before I did.

They suggested a mailing list which is responsible for filling the club when live music acts are playing.

London Multimedia deserve a massive pat on the back.

Live Music Clubs

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