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How we get Top Results in Google

Let London-Multimedia get your Business to the top of Google - FOR FREE

The most cost-effective solution to get your business to the top of Google and other search engines, is to work in partnership with us. We will build a FREE business website for you from scratch, with integrated SEO (search engine optimisation). Working in partnership with you, we will ensure that your website reaches the top of Google for a variety of search terms.

We will continue to update your website, adding products and content, and tweaking it to maintain top Google results. The design, development and SEO work is all done completely FREE of charge, at no financial risk to you. Once the website is producing a revenue for you, you pay us a percentage of the turnover it produces.

Unsure, skeptical? Read some Case Studies and then contact us.

First Page in GoogleHow we achieve First Page Results in Google

First and foremost, we build you the best possible website, fully integrated for SEO at the design stage. Using our tried and trusted techniques, we find that many websites we build, depending on industry sector and location, get to the first page on Google without further work.

Working in partnership with your business, further marketing and SEO work may involve

  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
  • YouTube optimisation - video production
  • Ebay, Amazon, Google Shopping SEO
  • Link building from directory websites
  • Article writing and submission
  • Blog creation
  • Google Analytics account set up

An outline of these techniques and others, such as Pay per Click and Affiliate Marketing can be found below

if you have an existing website which is not doing so well in Google, we can definitely help. Call now for some free, friendly advice.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media SEO

This has to be one of the cheapest, low cost methods of advertising on the internet. We advise businesses to have Facebook and Twitter accounts as a minimum.

Typically, the client updates their own pages with special offers and news worthy or humorous stories.

50% of consumers will buy from business found through social media. Two thirds of internet users visit social network sites and they are now the fourth most popular internet activity. Finally, 15% of people trust ads but over 75% people trust businesses that have come through recommendation.

Social Media Marketing

Link Building

Links from Relevant Websites

High quality links from relevant websites are a MUST for success in Google. The principles for quality link building are not difficult to master but do require time and effort.

It is easy to get low quality spam links from non relevant websites but Google will not pay much heed to these.

Our clients are encouraged to build their own links using our guidance and advice.

Typically, link building involves spending a few hours each month and the work can be done by any one in your business. Click on the link below to read more on link building.

Links from other Websites

Business Blogging

Business Blog Marketing

A Business Blog allows employers, employees and customers to proactively take part in discussions on any given subject.

A Blog can be part of your existing website, hosted on an entirely different website, as well as on third party websites such as Google's Blogger.

Business Blogs are normally focused discussions on a specific business sector or industry niche. The more successful business blogs have a targeted audience and subject matter in mind. This encourages users to bookmark the site, recommend it to others and to link to it.

Business Blogging

YouTube SEO

YouTube Marketing & Promotion

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the planet and no marketing campaign would be complete without a video submission to YouTube.

The video can take the form of an informative "how to" video or an intro to your company. There have been some well documented, spectacular, marketing success stories involving YouTube and London-Multimedia are well placed to help you.

We produce professional quality business videos and can translate your ideas into sensational, eye catching results which will drive traffic to your website.

YouTube SEO Marketing

Product Listings

Google Amazon and Ebay Listings

Getting your branded products listed on the Google Shopping Network will certainly boost sales.

Other useful sites on which to get listed are

Our award winning Ecommerce Software can be configured to automatically update Google, Ebay and Amazon, along with price comparison websites such as Kelkoo, when new products are added to your website, leading to enormous savings in time.

Google Products Listing

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC - Google Adwords

When you do a search in Google or YouTube, the sponsored ads that you see at the top of the results page are there because of Google Adwords. Adwords is probably the best PPC Advertising (pay per click).

The advertiser pays a small fee each time someone clicks on the ad. It is a good way to instantly get your website on the first page of Google but you will need an advertising budget at least £1000/month to be effective.

London-Multimedia will set up and run a highly targeted, cost effective campaign for you - saving you money and achieving a healthy volumes of sales.

Adwords Set Up

Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable free service offered and helps website owners and designers to precisely assess the effectiveness of a website.

Google Analytics will tell you the number of people accessing your site, which pages they are most interested in and the keywords that people are using ( and not using!). It will even tell you where in the world the hits are coming from and which browsers people are using.

We install and set up Google Analytics on our clients websites for free. The importance of Google Analytics in any marketing campaign cannot be emphasised enough.

Google Analytics SEO

Article Writing

Writing Killer Articles

Article Writing generally refers to submitting informative and knowledgeable articles to third party websites such as Ezine.

The article should contain quality content and offer something of real value to your target audience. High quality article writing will lead to inbound links to your website with a corresponding increase in Google ranking.

The content should also contain an appropriate amount of keywords relevant to your industry or business sector.

Article Submission is a tremendous tool in driving potential customers to your website.

How to Write Effective Articles

Affiliate Marketing

Increase Traffic with Affiliate Ads

There are many excellent affiliate marketing schemes available. Your ads are shown on relevant targeted websites which have signed up for the scheme. Each time your ad is clicked on, you pay a fee.

Setting up and maintaining an affiliate marketing account can be time consuming. To be cost effective, an in depth knowledge of the system is required. Also, a number of ad graphics are normally required in a variety of sizes to suit a particular website.

London-Multimedia offers a set up and maintenance service for those of you interested in affiliate marketing

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